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Interesting Tyrolean master violin, approx. 1750-1800

This mature, mid 18th century Tyrolean master violin is a great example of exceptionally fine quality of the violin's flawless craftsmanship and individual appearance. Defining features indicate that the violin was made in the Alpine region of Tyrol in Italy, influenced by the predominant school of Klotz in Mittenwald at the time. The delicate radish brown varnish applied on a golden-yellow ground has developed interesting patina and determines the antique appearance of this fine master violin.

Original maker's name and label has been lost in history. However there are some traces of a decrepit label that can be partially read as "Frank ... maker ... Rochdale Lancashire ... 19...". It looks that Frank Watson who was an England violin maker and lived during the late mid 19th century and beginning of 20th century was one of the luthiers who repaired it and probably grafted the violin neck.

The fact that the neck was grafted on both sides shows that the original violin was made earlier than 1820 when all violins had a shorter neck and different angle attached to the body. A few major professional repairs and restorations were done to the instrument. Both back and top have been repaired but sides and ribs look intact. It means that the instrument is generally valuable once a few master level violin luthiers spent a lot of effort to preserve it.

The violin still remains in a solid playable condition. We recommend it to professionals and demanding musicians because of its warm, full, matured sound with a wealth of timbres that permit a wide range of finely nuanced interpretations.

Antique 3/4 violin by Eugen Tenucci, Zurich

This is an authentic European violin made by Eugen Tenucci, Zurich. This smaller size instrument is suitable for advanced young players highly motivated to progress in playing the violin.

The full text of label is "Gebaut Von E. Tenucci, im Geigenbau - Atelier, Hug & Co. Zürich"

The violin was made around 1920-1930.

Copy of Antonius Stradivarius Faciebat Anno 1716

Vintage full size violin made in Germany. It has a label

Copy of Antonius Stradivarius
Faciebat Anno 1716

This typical label could be found on many violins made in the end of XIX and beginning XX century. Everybody wanted to play "Stradivarius" at that time and this violin was one of them. It is a typical inexpensive German instrument inherited best traditions of German violin makers.
It has open sound, well rounded and projected. It is easy to play instrument.

German violin made by Andrew Schroetter

Full size violin made in German by Andrew Schroetter. If you are looking for authentic inexpensive German violin this one is right for you.
It has a label:

Andrew Schroetter
GEIGENBAUMESTER in Mittenwald/Bayern
Model No. 802 4/4   4/84 Jahr
3512    Made in West Germany

It is a contemporary instrument made in Mittenwald where violin masters worked for centuries. It has a very solid structure without any signs of repair with authentic label.
The violin has open and bright sound properly responding on all strings. It is suitable for advanced players and amateur orchestras.

European master violin by Alexander Gaspar

The violin has a mellow and velvet sound. It is easy to play and responds well on all strings. It is a full size violin suitable for advanced students who is looking for lovely and authentic instrument.
This beautiful violin was made around 1950 and remains in perfect condition. It doesn't have any signs of damage and repair but small wear marks can be noticed though.

There is a label in the violin:

Alexander Gaspar

Antique copy of Antonious Stradivarius Cremonenfis

This unique violin was made in France in the beginning of 20th century. It is a very solid instrument. Even for its more than 100 years old it doesn't have any cracks and signs of repair.
There is label inside that says

Copie de
Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenfis
Faciebat Anno 1721

There is another small label:


The violin has a bright brisk sound.

Guarneri model antique violin after Lodovico Rastelli

This antique violin is in excellent condition. There are no cracks or signs of repair. It is a full size violin 35.5 cm length. It has golden yellow varnish with grained spruce upper and beautiful glowing maple back. Sound is powerful and rich in all the strings. This violin exciting to play.
It labeled

Lodovico Rastelli
in Genova
Faciebat Anno 1839.

Ludovico Rastelli worked in the medieval old town of 19th century Genoa, the home of Niccolo Paganini. He played on Guarneri violin called "il Cannone" due its very powerful sound. After Paganini’s death in 1840, his Guarneri violin, ‘il Cannone’ was gifted to the city of Genoa.
It is probably that Rastelli heard Paganini in concert, and certain that the reputation of Paganini and his violin that was as loud as a Cannon had reached Rastelli by the time he made his violins.
This Guarneri model violin, although is not a copy of ‘il Cannone’, but it possesses the same characteristics of punch and projection as Paganini’s violin.

French violin by Nestor Audinot

Full size French violin by Nestor Audinot
The instrument is in a perfect condition according to its age. Certificate of the instrument expert examination by violin maker from Bubenreuth Germany is provided.
It has the label inside:

N. Audinot
17, Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle
Annee 1899     No. 691

It seems to be an old and very good copy of Audinot violin. It has a character aging signs but remains in a stable and solid condition. There are no visible signs of repair.
The violin has a sonorous, open and reach tone.

Old German violin after Nicolaus Amati

This violin was kept in immaculate condition for years. It is crack free and doesn't show any signs of repair. It is quite unique rarely found instrument.
It has a gorgeous sound well balanced on all layers and strings. The sound is brilliant and the violin is singing with a bright timbre. At the same time it is easy playing and responsive instrument. Currently, the quality of the strings equipped with "Larsen Original". Beautiful flamed one-piece maple back. Very nice brilliant lacquer with pores deeper view of the wood - the beauty of the sound matches perfectly highlight.
Certificate of the instrument expert examination by violin maker from Bubenreuth Germany is provided.

There is an oldish label inside of violin that says:

Copy of Nicolaus Amati
Made in Germany

It is likely made in XX century before WW2.

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